L3 Networks

Continuous monitoring and proactive response ensures your network runs smoothly.

Improve performance and eliminate network bottlenecks that can affect your business. L3’s Managed Network Services keep you running at peak performance.

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Networking, Managed.

All networks all the time. We keep eyes on your network and network devices around the clock to provide you stability, support, and predictable performance.

Device Management

We manage your network devices through their entire lifecycle and provide solutions that offer Hardware-as-a-Service.

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Network Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of all your networks and network equipment lets us provide you with detailed statistics and performance reporting to work more efficiently.

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Incident Response

Proactive alerting and response based on contracted Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) gives your business a more predictable network experience.

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Network Support

L3 works rapidly to solve problems. Whether it’s support requests, configuration changes or performance troubleshooting, our teams interface with yours on demand.

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Device Management


We deliver standardized configurations across all network devices hardened for security and tuned for performance and reliability.


Increase productivity and performance by partnering with a team that can quickly respond to your needs.


Periodic network reviews and evaluation of equipment and connectivity is performed to ensure your system is adapting to changing business requirements.

Managed Router


Performance configuration management includes setting traffic priorities and redundancy for local and remote locations.

Managed Firewall


Performance configuration management includes setting traffic priorities and redundancy for local and remote locations.

Managed Switch


Convergence and capacity configurations increase performance and reduce hardware and maintenance costs.

Managed Wireless


Get better capacity and security from your wireless networks with central control and enhanced authentication and tracking.

Managed Load Balancer

Load Balancer

Reap the benefits of high-availability with performance configurations of critical application infrastructure and security across all platforms.

Network Monitoring


Know that your network is up and performing to requirements with our customized Network Monitoring services.

Easy Access

Access the L3 Networks customized Monitoring Portal and Asset Tracking System to get a real-time view of your network.


Receive management level, performance utilization, and outage reports to stay on top of exactly what’s happening on your network.


Find complete coverage of all types of networks at all locations where your data and applications reside.

L3 Networks is an important business partner for us the Constant Coverage service keeps our company running 24/7. The guys at L3 are available day or night and are just a phone call away when we need assistance. They have been managing our IT for the last 9 years as we’ve grown our business to over 150 employees and three locations.

Incident Response

Proactive Support

When your network has problems, we support you with immediate incident response and proactive support to get you back online quickly.

Device Monitoring

L3 keeps a full inventory of all network components to manage your devices and circuits. This allows us to act immediately if there is an incident.

Professional Service

We determine where a problem originates and engage with the hardware vendor, network provider, cabling and all involved parties to resolve the situation for you.

Active Response

Whether you have a downed circuit, hardware failure, packet loss or other conditions affecting your network, we diagnose and correct the problem to get you back online.

Network Support

24/7 Support

Get anytime support no matter what the situation. Our team can work with yours to provide critical support and assistance for day-to-day needs.

Cloud Monitoring

Support activities are tracked through our ticketing portal and your devices are monitored using our cloud hosted monitoring platform.

Personal Touch

Through our on-boarding process you get to know our team, and our engineers get to know your business and staff.

Client Portal

Access to our customer portal provides you visibility into your assets, hardware configurations, running configurations, support contracts, and more.